The idea for Mesmer Skate Brand started in 2020, when company founder, Billy O’Neill, reached out to Matthias Knoll from Powerslide with hopes of bringing the legendary Classic Throne boot molds back into production.  

Initially, these molds were thought to be unsalvageable. They hadn’t been used for years and simply weren’t in the condition needed to produce skates. After some back and forth with the manufacturers, we were finally able to reintroduce an updated version of the Classic Throne boot, complete with a raised heel, an entirely redesigned one-piece soul plate and brand new modified cuff.

The boot and cuff of John Bolino’s Pro Model are made of a material not seen before in the production of inline skates. PEBAX is a new wonder material designed for high performance sports wear that combines two different chemistries (polyether and polyamide) on the same backbone while retaining the performance properties of both. Simply put, the polyether enables flexibility and elasticity, while the polyamide enables tremendous lightness, strength and energy return. This provides a durable, lightweight skate that will never lose shape over time, while being fully cold resistant.

We are also extremely excited to be able to introduce an industry first with our pad printed artist collaborations featured on the bottom of our soul plates. With these one-piece souls, the artistic possibilities are limitless, all while providing an incredible grinding experience. The nylon based soul plate is made of 1/3 glass fiber, making it incredibly fast and long lasting.

Our fully heat moldable MyFit liner was crafted with memory foam material on the inside for comfort, as well as a microfiber lining that is light and strong. Made with a simple, effective pattern, the Mesmer MyFit liner is nearly seamless with no pressure points. Complete with a interchangeable PU shock absorber, top lacing, heel carry straps and a dual density insole with custom print, the Mesmer MyFit liner brings an incredibly comfortable and enjoyable skating experience.

Our ultimate goal was to reintroduce a thought-to-be lost, classic mold with some new and exciting features that can deliver an awesome skating experience. As skaters, it was our number one priority to put out a skate that we could count on, and I believe we’ve been able to do that.

Much thanks to all of our supporters.